About ME

Marina Polshina-Maltseva is an enamel artist. She was born in 1980 in Russia.

In 1999 has graduated with honors Abramtsev Art and Industry collage of Vasnetsov.

In 2005 has graduated Rostov State Academy of Architecture and Art. Obtained qualification is Bachelor of Arts.

Nowadays lives in Montenegro, Kotor. She works in a technique of a «hot enamel». 

She often takes part in: city, regional, all-Russian and international exhibitions. She is a regular participant of Russian Festival of design in the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Since 2006 she is a member ofInternational Federation of Artists and a member of Artists Union of Russia.

She has got a certificate of participation in Academic mobile exhibition from Arts Academy.

Works of the artist are situated in galleries and private collections all over the world.

 Participation in exhibitions

1999 First All-Russian Festival of Design in the Caucasian Mineral Waters , Zheleznovodsk

2000 First International Symposium on hot enamel in the Caucasian Mineral Waters

2002-2007 All-Russian ( International ) Festivals  of design,  final exhibition in Zheleznovodsk, Pushkin gallery

2002 Exhibition "Orthodox icon",  Zheleznovodsk

2004 Exhibition of portraits "Alone with the canvas ", project for exhibition "Russia at the Turn of the Millenniums "

2004 Women artists works exhibition of the North Caucasus. The project " Between Two Worlds : Creative Space of Caucasian Women between Culture of Tradition and Culture  of Civilization "

2006 Christmas Exhibition, Stavropol

2006 Guild Artists Exhibition of enamellers of south Russia: "Art enamel 2006"

2008 Exhibition "Still Life", Pyatigorsk

2010 Stavropol, Pyatigorsk. Academic exhibition of artists of South Russia

2011 Personal exhibition "Women's Vision", Pyatigorsk

2011 Citywide Masters exhibition devoted to the Day of the City "Pyatigorsk today and tomorrow"

2012 Exhibition of Young Artists of south Russia , Essentuki

2012 Personal exhibition, Kotor, Montenegro

2013 Member of 28th International Art Competition in Chelsea, Agora Gallery , New York, USA

2013 Personal exhibition "Hot Enamel. Turn back to forward " in Novi Sad , Serbia

2014-2015 Personal Exhibition, Prague, Czech Republic

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